New Year, New You.

What customers say

Edgar R- 

“I’ve been drinking SlimTea Oolong Tea for years now and I love it!!!! It’s the first thing that goes through my mouth every morning. I really like the flavor of this tea, I don’t even put any sugar or honey at all. I’m 6’ 4” but even so 280 lbs wasn’t the right weight for me. I felt tired all the time, I was always dragging my rear end everywhere, my face was round (not to mention my double chin), and it seemed like I was wearing a spare tire on my belly at all times. Now, 61 lbs less, at 219 lbs I feel great, energized, and I can actually feel my body clean of toxins. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a miracle tea. You have to combine it with a somewhat healthy life style but not too strict. I have cheat meals, cheat days, hell I even have cheat weeks here and then. I did high impact exercise for a while but I have a bad knee so I decided to bring it down to a very mild exercise like just walking or low impact exercise routines. I still don’t exercise all the time. My point is, Oolong Tea is a great supplement that will help you burn fat, ramp up your metabolism, feel energized, and clean your body of harmful toxins all this without you killing yourself at the gym, starve yourself, or eating like a bird. I recommend you give it a try, you will feel the difference since day one”.


Jaqueline G- 

I don't normally do these, but your product is superb. I love that it is organic. While I hope it helps with my weight, I know for a fact that it helps with my complexion. I ran out a while back and really did not think much of it. I just drank green tea instead. Two weeks later, I had breakouts! I'm 62 - I thought I was well past all of that! So, in comes the next auto-ship delivery and one week later my complexion was recovering!


Mary N- 

Hello, I started using your products about a year ago. I am taking 2 of the capsules and drinking one cup of tea a day. I am about 8 pounds lighter than I was a year ago when I started. I have reduced my Starbucks intake drastically as a result, enjoying your healthy tea instead!


Ted D- 

I’ve been on Wu-long tea for over two years. I’ve lost about 30 lbs. I’m down to the weight I want to be but I’m still using the tea for maintenance. Besides, I really like the taste.

Stephanie A- 

I've been drinking Okuma Nutritional’s slimming tea for many years and I couldn't live without it!! I drink it every morning to start my day off refreshed, energetic and feeling like I'm doing something good for my body! As a young adult I was drinking soda every morning, which left me feeling yuck all day. When I heard about this tea I decided to try it and have been hooked since!