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SlimTea weight loss capsules

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Our encapsulated Oolong blend, provides an effective opportunity to increase your energy expenditure by 2.9%, which translates to an incredible 281kcal/day.

The key to weight loss in not laboring for hours on a treadmill, but rather it’s balancing the body’s energy expenditure equation in your favor. A slight calorie deficit is the absolute science behind weight loss, assuming the body is otherwise in healthy working order. This is accomplished by using or burning more energy each day than you bring in, through foods and beverages. Encapsulated oolong is a safe and effective tool to burn an additional 250 calories in an encapsulation form, as well provide the body with powerful antioxidants and disease fighting polyphenols. This is an effective and efficient tool to help take the guess work out of weight loss and is a great addition to a healthy daily regiment.  


30 day supply; 60 count.  Serving size 1 capsule.

For maximum benefit, take with morning and afternoon meals.